Ceramic Coating Installation professionals in Columbus, ohio.

Invest in a professional ceramic coating from Lionheart Detailing in Columbus, Ohio, Our ceramic coating is the ultimate safeguard for your vehicle’s exterior. This revolutionary technology creates a shield that repels environmental contaminants, UV rays, and water, ensuring your vehicle’s finish remains immaculate. Choose our services to not only elevate the aesthetics of your vehicle but also safeguard its value for years to come..

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are a liquid solution derived of solvent-delivered resin-based products that can be applied to your vehicle’s surfaces by a professional to protect it from chemicals and harsh elements. They also have the added benefit of making your car insanely glossy, easier to clean, prevent oxidization, and reduce the chance of scratching during the washing and drying process.

What does ceramic coating do?

Professional Ceramic Coatings will protect your new vehicle from tree sap, nature and bird droppings. Ceramic Coating also make your vehicle look amazing for years to come by making the paint extremely glossy. Ceramic coatings are also compatible with paint protection film.

Benefits Of ceramic coating Services Columbus ohio


  • Your vehicle, even if you purchase it brand new has most likely been abused by manufacture and dealership mishandling” – Example could be, being washed with a brush of some sort or being taken to an automatic wash.
  • Your brand new vehicle may have scratches and swirls. Typical waxes, sealants, all-in-one polishes only cover up these defects and always wear off quickly. This is why you ALWAYS find these defects in your cars paint a week after purchasing it.
  • Your vehicle’s paint can be destroyed over time from improper washing, drying, and improper use of car care chemicals.
  • The majority of people who wash their own cars don’t follow proper technique and end up installing several hundred dollars in damage every time they wash their vehicle.
  • Even expensive vehicles have swirl marks installed on them. All a dealer has to do is wipe a car down one time.
  • Your vehicle can often suffer from the outdoor elements – things like road salt, hard water, bird droppings, tar, rail dust, and iron deposits are all things that can ruin the paint on your vehicle.
  • Automotive Ceramic Coating Dublin Ohio are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from every day wear and tear – Lionheart Detailing offers professional ceramic car coating near me products that provide you with superior protection. 
  • Best Ceramic Coatings – We only installs the best, which is Ceramic Coating Near Me. It holds by and large the best performance of any other professional ceramic coating on the market. 

Providing Protection

Ceramic Coatings applied by professionals will preserve your car from the elements for years to come. When you have a car ceramic coating from Lionheart Detailing, your vehicle will be protected against bird droppings, tar, iron deposits, salt spray, and water spots for years.

Super Easy To Clean

With Ceramic Coating, your paint will be slick and smooth, giving you excellent self-cleaning properties. The ceramic coating turns your car's exterior into a hydrophobic one; dirt and grime may be washed away and eliminated.

Surface Hydrophobicity

The hydrophobicity our Ceramic Coating packages provide to the outside of your car is one of the most noticeable advantages. These advanced car coatings use nanotechnology to create a hardened surface layer that keeps your clear coat free of buildup caused by liquid and solid pollutants.

Our Ceramic Coating Packages


Enhancement Polish To Add Gloss
Does NOT Remove Scratches, Swirls and Oxidation
3 year Ceramic Coating Applied to Paint, Trim, Rims, Headlights & Windshield
First Maintenance Wash is Free
Huge Discounted Maintenance Program Access
Complementary Pickup – Drop Off
Reported To Carfax For Vehicle Value
2 year Warranty Access
24 Hour Turn Around Or it’s Free.


**One Step Paint Correction
**We Will Remove 65 – 75% of Scratches, Swirls and Oxidation
**5 year Ceramic Coating Applied to Paint, Trim, Rims, Headlights & Windshield
Huge Discounted Maintenance Program Access
First Maintenance Wash Free
Complementary Pick Up – Drop Off
Reported To Carfax For Vehicle Value
5 year Warranty Access
24 Hour Turn Around Or it’s Free.


**Full 2 Step Paint Correction**
**We Will Remove 85 – 95% of Scratches, Swirls and Oxidation**
**8 year Ceramic Coating Applied to Paint, Trim, Rims, Headlights & Windshield**
First Maintenance Wash is Free
Huge Discounted Maintenance Program Access
Complementary Pickup – Drop Off
Reported To Carfax For Vehicle Value
5 year Warranty Access
24 Hour Turn Around Or it’s Free.

Why You Should Invest In a Ceramic Coating in Columbus OH

Ceramic Coatings Have SUPERB GLOSS

If you’ve ever had a freshly “waxed” vehicle, you know that amazing, dripping wet look you get? It seems like the entire world is reflected in your vehicle’s paint.  Ceramic Coatings allow you to achieve those results every single time you wash your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Makes Your Vehicle SUPER EASY TO CLEAN

The slickness of the paint created by the Ceramic Coating offers you superior self-cleaning abilities. The ceramic coating creates a hydrophobic & hydrophilic surface on your vehicle. This allows contaminants to easily rinse off and stay clean!

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings Have An EASY WARRANTY

Our professional-grade Ceramic Coatings provide you with flexible warranty options for your vehicle’s newly installed coating. You have an option to maintain the vehicle yourself or utilize our professional level maintenance services for up to a LIFETIME warranty on your coating.

Ceramic Coating Protection Options for Every Surface

There are Ceramic Coatings for every single surface in your vehicle. Exterior paint, glass, plastic, wheels, trim, interior plastics, interior vinyl, interior leather, interior fabrics & more. Ceramic Coatings also work with paint protection film.

Complementary Vehicle Pick up & Delivery

 As a Major convenience, We offer vehicle pick up and drop off of your vehicle from your home or work. We know your time is valuable and coordinating transportation with other people can be difficult. We can pick up your vehicle and then deliver it again once the job is complete.


Maintaining your Lionheart Detailing’s ceramic coating correctly will ensure its continued durability for years. Depending on the ceramic coating package you choose, we provide guarantees from one year to five years to ensure your satisfaction with our installations. In addition, you may prolong the life of your vehicle’s exterior by having us detail it frequently.

Because of the link between the ceramic coating and the paint, removal may be easy, if possible, with the right tools and methods. In some instances, abrasive treatments are needed, which might ruin the paint below. You should contact an expert if you need help removing the ceramic coating.

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle will not only protect it from the sun’s potentially damaging ultraviolet rays. Still, it will also increase the paint’s glossy sheen, giving your vehicle a perfectlook. This is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from sun damage.

If You want the full claim and durability for your vehicle then, Yes Paint Correction is a necessity to achieve your ceramic coating goals.

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